About Us

SUPATURF SPORTS BELGIUM (M.C.H. bv), has been active since 1999 in Belgium as an importer and manufacturer of tracing machines and paints for all sports fields, sporting goods and sports infrastructure. Products for the maintenance and equipment of sports fields.

We are approved as an importer and distributor of fertilizers:
Approval number: ME/102064

Supaturf Sports Belgium is the exclusive distributor of the products:

SUPATURF PRODUCTS & AQUATROLS: (www.aquatrols.com) wetting agent for golf courses
Because the success of our company depends on the trust placed by our customers, our teams make a point of guaranteeing the best Price, Quality and safety for all ranges of our products!

Our proximity to the sporting world and our very good knowledge of the field (24 years of experience) make us experts in sports equipment advice.

Our representatives and our after-sales service are at your service!

Our adress:
M.C.H. bv (Supaturf Sports Belgium)
Ondernemersstraat, 2 - J
B-2500 LINK

Tel: (+32) 475735490
e-mail: info@supaturf.be
VAT: BE 0466 074 211
BANK: IBAN BE52 3101 4466 78 09   BIC: BBRUBEBB100