General terms of sales

  1. The company SUPATURF SPORTS BELGIUM (MCH bvba), reserves the right to modify its prices, discounts, terms of payement, terms of delivery and other terms of sales, even without notice.
  2. The prices are calculated exclusif VAT and Transport costs on FOB Vilvoorde (Belgium) base.
  3. Except written derogation of SUPATURF SPORTS BELGIUM (MCH bvba), every delivery has to be paid in cash, without discount.
  4. The customer cannot, when he pays the invoiced amounts, deduct any amount for corrections, counterparts or reimbursements made for our account.
  5. By non-payment of an invoice at the date due, we reserve the right to increase the amount, without prior notice and for each month of delay that has begun, with a dealy intrest of 5% with a minimum of 125.00€. SUPATURF SPORTS BELGIUM (MCH bvba), reserves the right to cancel all orders and also in that case to ask for the payement of every invoice, even befor the date that the payement is due.
  6. Parties explicitly agree that a delay caused by circumstances beyound our control is not a reason to cancel an order.
  7. Goods that should be damaged by wrong handling after the delivery, will not be taken back or exchanged.
  8. If based upon any written or tacit agreement, SUPATURF SPORTS BELGIUM (MCH bvba), directly delivers to third parties and that these deliveries are invoiced to the customer on presentation of delivery notes, every refused delivery has to be send back to SUPATURF SPORTS BELGIUM (MCH bvba),within 7 days after delivery date.
  9. Every written claims must be send to SUPATURF SPORTS BELGIUM (MCH bvba), within 7 days after delivery date. The introduction of a claim does not release the customer from the obligation to pay the invoice(s) due.
  10. Goods that possibly should be taken back wille be reimbursed at the price and conditions in force at the moment of the delivery.
  11. SUPATURF SPORTS BELGIUM (MCH bvba), reserves the right to invoice the shipping costs to the customer for every good ordered by him or by one of his attendants, that should be refused at delivery.
  12. Any possible controversy between parties shall be sumitted to the exclusive juridiction of the courts of Brussels, the Justice of the Peace of the 6th canton included.